Monday, August 10, 2009

Green Hosting

As you sit surfing the net have you ever thought about how much energy is being consumed to deliver web content to your home? Until recently I had not. It is so simple to surf the web expecting pages to load lightning fast but this comes with a cost. Vast data centers consuming large amounts of power are required to deliver rich web content in this plugged in age.

I was very pleased to find out that my webhost 1&1 is now 100% green hosting. Does this mean that they have windmills sitting on top of their data centers or some fancy geothermal energy production plant on site? Well the answer is no. Well in this case does it mean that there is some special renewable energy electricity grid? Again the answer is no, all the energy produced is delivered to the same energy grids.

How does it work?
Consumers buy renewable energy credits (RECs). For every 1000kW hour of energy produced by a renewable energy generator a single unique REC is issued. This provides an audit trail which ensures that although the energy a consumer receives may not technically have been generated in a renewable manner the energy they are funding is renewable energy.

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